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What people say about our coats:


Since launching in February of 2015, we have encountered many customers amazed at the simplicity and ingenuity of the maternity and babywearing multifunctional coats sold at Tasku Babi. Our favorite part about what we do is seeing our customers' reaction as they fall in love with a particular style and realize its many uses as well. Here is a collection of reactions - excerpts from reviews and messages we've received, showing appreciation for our products. Feel free email us your comments or share them on our social media pages! 



"I'm so in love with this coat dude!!!"

"Oh my goodness , I LOVE LOVE LOVE this coat !!! Thank you soo much ! Wish I knew about this coat last year when I was pregnant during the winter
I love this coat more than all of my regular non baby carrying coat !
It's beautiful and cozy !
And thank you for the quick shipping!
Thank you !!"

"We were sent the Tasku Babi coat to check out and I am pretty impressed. This multi-functional babywearing coat can be worn on its own, but also comes with zippered insert panels. These allow it to be worn as a maternity coat OR as a babywearing coat. The babywearing insert even has a little hood to keep your little guy warm. The Tasku Babi is truly one coat that covers everything and everyone. They even have a Whole Papa Coat for men!!!!" <-- The Baby Guy NYC

"I can't recommend Tasku Babi highly enough for people looking for a flexible, stylish coat that will take them from pregnancy to baby wearing to normal life."

"This is by far my favorite go-to jacket for everyday wear; whether carrying or not."

"We absolutely love the Graphite Coat with Merino from Tasku Babi, but it is expensive. It was worth it to me because my old winter coat was shedding all its stuffing and I needed a new one anyway so I might as well get one with a zip-in babywearing panel and maternity panel and just not worry about winter pregnancy and baby wearing ever again."

"I love this coat! I've tried a number of other coats claiming to make it easy to wear your kiddos and keep warm but they were not only super boxy but difficult to figure out how to use. This coat was so easy to get on over my rascals. LOVE IT! Thank you for such an amazing product."

"I just want to thank you so much for this incredible coat! What a phenomenal product! I couldn't be happier. It was 20 degrees here tonight and I was warm wearing the coat with a tshirt and leggings."

"Any woman who is either pregnant or has a baby/toddler needs to own one of these coats. It makes a great shower gift and will be the center of attention."

"I'd get pregnant again for this coat!"

"I love the versatility of the coats and the price point. I will get so much wear out of this coat, first being pregnant, second being a commuting Mom in the city with an infant and finally just for me :)"

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