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Working from home

I think at one point or another almost everyone fantasizes about working from home. It sounds really tempting - waking up "whenever you want," not having to change out of your pajamas or wash your face; nibbling on cereal all day; being able to be around your kids and take your dog out for a walk... Ahhhh...

Well, in reality, at least from my experience, working from home is not as peachy. First of all, if you have kids, I have yet to understand how you can get anything done around the house, let alone have a productive day for your business. I can't even think straight when my kids are around! Yet I often see photos of happy parents - working or blogging away from the comforts of their beautiful home, while their children are keeping themselves busy or are blissfully asleep!

In my case, when attempting to "work" from home, things have gone more like this:

I drag myself out of bed in the morning, not worrying about showering or washing my face.

Throw some waffles in the toaster, pour some juice in a cup for the pre-schooler and then go to get him dressed. Once he's done eating, I strap the baby on my back, throw some sneakers and a jacket on the pre-schooler, put the leash on the dog and off we go to drop the older one off at school.

Once the rest of us are back home, I might give the baby a snack and then set up my laptop. While he is playing with his blocks on the floor, I throw something in my mouth and chase it down with a sip or two of green tea. The rest of the tea will never be drunk hot or even warm. It will just sit in the same spot for the rest of the day, until I get thirsty again and remember to take a sip, inevitably cringing at how much worse cold green tea tastes.

Being around one busy child makes working considerably easier but even then, phone calls are nearly impossible to make until he is asleep. Luckily, he likes long, luxurious naps, so for about 2 hours, from noon to 2, I get work done.

By the time the dog, baby and I go back to pick up the pre-schooler, I realize I haven't actually eaten anything today and grab a banana for the walk. The baby sees the banana and starts begging for it. So of course I give it away and end up getting back home with my stomach growling louder than the dog.

Once both kids are back home my "work" day is over and doesn't start again until they're asleep at 8 pm. At that point working from home might also involve last minute laundry runs and an occasional glance at the TV just to stay abreast of all the latest "reality."

My life is never calm. My life is never slow. It is usually completely unpredictable and overwhelming.

But I wouldn't change it for the world.

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