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Winter Coat with Merino Wool (Raspberry, Sky)

Winter Coat with Merino Wool (Raspberry, Sky)

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The only coat Tasku Babi carries that uses animal fibers - merino wool - sourced from a small farm in Eastern Europe, this is a sleek, lightweight and extremely warm coat. 
  • Details

    Brand: Vmeste
    Can be worn comfortably between 40F and 0F (~0C and -20C)
    available in Graphite, Snow White, Olive, Raspberry and Sky
    Made in Russia

    This ultra-warm lightweight coat includes two middle panels - one for pregnancy, the other for babywearing. The warm lining includes a removable fleece layer. The babywearing panel has a special double lining for extra warmth.

    Babywearing Panel:

    The babywearing panel attaches to the coat with two zippers - one on each side - protecting the adult wearer’s neck from the elements.
    The baby’s hood can be tightened with special elastic bands to protect him or her from the elements.
    In warmer weather, the baby can stick out his or her hands through two special openings protected with zippers.


    100% polyester shell, water and wind-proof. Detachable hood.
    Babywearing panel: removable fleece lining + microfiber insulator (250 grams / square meter) + Merino wool lining.

    Pregnancy panel:

    100% polyester, microfiber insulator (250 grams / square meter)


    Microfiber (250 grams / square meter). Contains only components inspected and certified for safety to be free of harmful chemicals; hypoallergenic, long-lasting, can withstand numerous washes while keeping its shape.


    (250 grams / square meter + Merino Wool) Coat, babywearing panel, pregnancy panel, fleece neck cover for the wearer.

    Other sizes available by request by emailing Please allow an additional 14 day waiting period for your order to arrive.