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Kat Dunams launched Tasku Babi when she fell in love... with a coat.

She was visiting her hometown in Ukraine when she saw a babywearing coat for the first time. The woman in the coat was warm even in the cold Eastern European winter. Her baby was warm and comfy. And the coat was beautiful.

When Kat returned to New York City, she kept thinking about that coat. She thought about it every time she saw a pregnant woman without a proper maternity coat trying to make her regular coat work by keeping it unzipped in the dead of winter. Or a mom awkwardly wrapped up in blankets to keep her baby warm while in a carrier.

When her second baby was on the way, she decided she wouldn't spend another winter thinking. It was time to act.

She tracked down the best manufacturers in Eastern Europe and handpicked the most beautiful and lovingly-crafted pieces. Not only are the coats sold by Tasku Babi stylish and warm, they are all made in factories with fair employment practices and are vegan - they contain no animal-derived materials.

Her love of maternity and babywearing coats continues to grow as she meets more and more parents who get that same look in their eyes as she did when she met that first babywearing coat.


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